economic development marketing:

take it to the next level

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Website Review

We’ll review your website from a marketing perspective and provide a detailed report along with recommendations for improvements to help you better reach your target markets.

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Target Sector Marketing

We’ll help you identify the top 2-4 target sectors that are best suited for your community. If you already know them, we’ll help you identify and personify the target audiences to reach.

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We want to see you succeed as a leader in economic development and your community.

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Marketing Solution

From concept to implementation, we’ll help you create a unified economic development marketing strategy that is realistic and achievable.

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Content strategy

We’ll help you craft an economic development content strategy that is designed to reach your target sector audiences.

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SEO for EconDev

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – customized for economic development.

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Experience takes time.

Elite performers have mentors and coaches. You can either grow through trial and error, or you can hire an expert who can help you succeed more efficiently.

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